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On this 'Thanksgiving', as I sit here with a very heavy heart for my ancestors and the ancestors of all Nations, this thought comes from my heart, and must be shared.

I don't celebrate a single day of thanks, I give thanks for the gifts from the Creator every single day; they should not ever be taken for granted for when they are we tend to lose sight of what is important, and lose our way.

Creator, hear my prayer of thanks to you for the time I have.  I pray also that the coming time will see an understanding of our peoples, a reconciliation for the past and a continued renewal and return of, and return to our old ways and our native languages.

I pray also that all inhabitants of Earth learn to live in balance and harmony both physically and spiritually with Earth.  It is our belief that all of Earth is alive and has much to teach, and you can hear and learn if you listen properly with an open heart.


David Holt
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
I'm a photographer, puppeteer, fursuiter/fursuit builder, big cat handler, advocate for tiger survival, avid outdoors-cat, novice sailor, and avid reader. Happily mated to my mate Shunaka, and I live in the Bay Area of CA. I'm also paternally Lenni Lenape American Indian and maternally Germanic Jewish.

Blood quantum doesn't mean as much, I think, as does how one lives their life. While blood purity is certainly important in some aspects, it's more than just how much DNA you possess that makes you who you are.

I'm also a pretty quiet person, and usually don't say much unless what I have to say I feel is important for the time, for the topic of discussion or for the person(s) I'm speaking with. I can seem to be very shy and reserved, yet it's because I think out what I want to say (mostly) before I say anything. Sometimes I have put my paw in my muzzle with embarrassing results, but don't we all at times?

My favorite films are Powwow Highway, Thunderheart, Smoke Signals, The Fifth Element, The Lion King, The Abyss, The Golden Compass, Dances with Wolves and Waterworld, just to name a few.

My two favorite books are, well one's a series.

First I'd like to make mention of this book. Neither Wolf Nor Dog - On Forgotten Roads With an Indian Elder. It's a very down to earth book, not pretentious in any way shape or form, and it's a very good read.

The second is the series - the Sholan Alliance series by Lisanne Norman. For obvious reasons (the main characters are anthro felines) I really enjoy this series.

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I tremendously appreciate your Watching as well as your insightful commentary.

Thank you for taking the time to do both.
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You're most welcome.  I have viewed more images of, and read more of your commentary about Argent since I fav'd that piece, and am more intrigued.  Seems like he's a very complex personality I would like to read more about.  He's got some real depth to him.
ArgentFatalis Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
In the (relatively) near future there will certainly be more of Argent Fatalis' story submitted with various commissions; including a few questions that were recently asked of regarding his character. If anything his situation and handling of it makes him complex, then again I can't say I'm surprised given that the only other characters are very human.
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